Digital Commerce

Study Module in cooperation between Finnish Commerce Federation and five Finnish universities

What's it about?


​Studies provides an overview of digital commerce and the significant transformation of the commerce sector.  Studies consists of six curses studied entirely online, enabling the students to study digital commerce comprehensively from procurement and logistics to customer behaviour, branding and digital marketing.​ In addition to the study units, studies also includes digital commerce training for degree students.​

LUT University: Management of procurement and supplier relations in the commerce sector (6 credits)

  • Basic concepts of strategic procurement
  • Sustainable supplier management processes
  • Financial objectives of procurement and position in business
  • Procurement strategies and outsourcing
  • Supplier relationship management from sustainability and risk management perspective

University of Eastern Finland: Sales and Buyer Behaviour in Retailing (6 credits)

  • Effects of production, sales and marketing in the commerce sector
  • Sales and marketing strategies
  • Defining objectives, strategies and tactics
  • Tools for defining and evaluating consumer and corporate customer relationships

University of Tampere: Brand Experience in Retailing (5 credits)

  • Key concepts of customer-oriented business
  • Building and managing the customer experience at various touchpoints
  • Management of brand capital in commerce sector businesses
  • Increasing customer loyalty
  • Strategic development of brand experiences in practice

University of Oulu: Distribution and retail management (5 credits)

  • Analysis of structural, operational and social factors and models in distribution channels
  • Getting acquainted with logistics functions, coordination, channel member roles and business models in retail (e.g., franchising, cooperatives, e-commerce, multi-channel distribution).
  • Examination of functional interdependencies in distribution also with illustrative numerical examples

University of Jyväskylä: Digitalising commerce (5 credits)

  • Digitalisation in commerce sector strategy, marketing and purchasing behaviour
  • Impact of digitalisation and digital transformation on the commerce sector
  • Developing marketing and sales strategies to meet customers’ changing purchase decision processes

University of Tampere: Digital commerce in practice (6 credits)

  • E-commerce business models, change trends and success factors
  • Logistics, customer service and solutions related to different payment methods
  • Key strategic options and opportunities related to e-commerce sales and marketing
  • Application of basic solutions for e-commerce analytics
  • Application of different models of knowledge management

Finnish Commerce Federation: Digital commerce training unit (6 credits)

  • Application of the knowledge and skills acquired in the module in practical situations in working life
  • Getting to know the training organisation, understanding its operations and guiding principles
  • At least 1 month of full-time, paid employment in tasks related to digital commerce

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